10L~100 Litres New DIY Stainless Essential Oil Brewing Kit

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New Alcohol Distiller Moonshine Ethanol Copper Still Stainless Boiler & Thumper Keg



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                       Dimensions of the Boiler Volume: 

                                        10 Litres : 25cm ( 10 inches ) diameters x 18cm ( 7 inches )  Height ;

                                        12 Litres 25cm  ( 10 inches ) diameters x 25cm ( 10 inches )  Height ;

                                        20 Litres 30cm  ( 12 inches ) diameters x 30cm ( 12 inches )  Height ;

                                        30 Litres 35cm  ( 14 inches )  diameters x 35cm ( 14 inches )  Height ;

                                        70 Litres : 45cm ( 17 inches ) diameters x 45cm ( 17 inches )  Height ;

                                        100 Litres : 50cm  ( 19 inches ) diameters x 50cm ( 19 inches )  Height ;

                       Package Lists : 


                                        1. Stainless steel boiler with 4 clamp and thermometer ;

                                        2. Copper or Stainless Steel cooler within a Thurmper Keg ;

                                        3. Water hose with water in with your house tap ;

                                        4. Air lock use for ferment ;

                                        5, 2.2m meters almost silicone hoses ;

                                        6, THREE Taps to Control the flow of the water ;

                                        7, 2 Stainless Steel Stand to make it better cooling and radiator ;

                                        8. Print instructions (it included how to set up the moonshine stills and how to use it ) ;

                                        Recipes( will be sent via E-mail ) ,  MOONSHINE RECIPES,  BLACK BEARDS RUM,  STONEWALLS SOUTHERN WHISKEY;


                                        INDIAN HEAD CORN MEAL WHISKEY,  APPLE PIE BRANDY;

                     Boiler Material: stainless steel ;

                     Cooling pipes material: top grade red copper ;

                       The cooling coil cooler: 98.5 inch in length copper pipe to shape ;

                       The construction is all Stainless steel which has been argon welded thus avoiding any of the health problems associated with copper and solder constructed stills.

                       Welding technique:  The item is argon welded to avoid any of the health issues associated with welding and solder constructed alcohol stills.

                       Heat source: induction cooler, stove, or any other heating sources are ok.

                       You will need (NOT include) : yeast,water supply,heat source(I suggest use induction cooker or gas stove) ;

                       We have test everything when we sending the package out ;

                       Contact me anytime when you need additional help ;

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