#Hemp is here to save #US

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While people are getting scared over the tariff wars happening in the news cycle, I see the opening for an industry to emerge full force and bring back "Made In America". Soybeans are the latest cause for controversy claiming headlines such as: "Soybeans down 16 percent in 2 months" and "Soybeans are getting whacked after China announces tariffs ..."Soy gets a bad rap, but this crop has become an important one for American farmers. We generally see it grown in a crop rotation with corn, creating good risk management for both crops by breaking disease, insect, and weed cycles, as well as managing farm workflow. The soy plant is used for lots of things from cooking oils, milk (for those with lactose intolerance), to biodiesel and the leftover soybean meal is used in food production and is "regarded" as the best vegetable protein food source and accounts for over 65% of the world’s protein requirements including farming, as a feed for livestock with most of it going to chicken farms. Soy milk is higher in protein and iron content, it is also cholesterol-free, low fat, and low sodium. It is, however, lower in calcium and must be fortified when given to growing children. Those who are allergic to cow's milk or are unable to digest lactose, the natural sugar found in cow's milk, find soy milk easy to digest since it is lactose-free. American farmers grow as much as 89.2 million acres per year (2018).

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#Hemp is here to save #US



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